Hair towel - free pattern

Who doesn't know this? The towel that you wrap around your head after showering.

For me it is a very useful gadget. My old one is worn out. It's time I treat myself with a new one. The pattern I have retrieved from my old one.

You need:

« 2 x the pattern cut ouf of terry cloth (draw 1 cm saum on the top side)
« 11 cm elastic
« 120 cm bias tape


"  Put the pieces of terry cloth with the right sides together.

" Slide the piece of elastic in between at the heigt of the marking.

"  Pin the tops on each other. Stitch.

"  Turn to the right side.

"  Pin the biais tape on the bottom edge of the towel (with the right sides together).

"  Stitch.

"  Fold the biais tape to the inner side. Pin.

" Stitch, on te right side, close to the edge on the bias tape.


Gift idea: Give a towel and a few hair care products.



  1. oh deze zal ik onthouden, een heel leuk kerstgeschenkje (ik ben er vroeg bij I know)


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